Rocking in Palmares!

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Last Saturday January 18th, 2020, I went to the Palmares Festival for the 3rd time in my life, and I must say it gets better every time! News say that Palmares Fiestas are trying to go back to basics and be family-oriented, like in the beginning.

¡Amigos de Vértigo disfrutando!
Friends enjoying! Here we are with Vanessa (Vértigo’s bass player) and Donald (aka Mambo, pianist y Vértigo singer). 🙂


The first time I went to this festival was back in 2011. I went two days in a row with friends, first to see the horse parade early in the afternoon and then to get into one of the party tents (toldos) to get some drinks and party it up with the rest of Costa Rica. Too – many – people!

I must admit that during the horse parade, it was very sunny and hot (of course, January is one of Costa Rica’s sunniest times of the year), so it was not that amazing. Additionally, the horse parade happened in the main streets of the town of Palmares, where there were all of shops. I can picture how difficult it would have been for these businesses to keep up with the lack of accessibility due to people blocking the streets. Either way, I do admit that I danced to the rhythm of reggaeton, like a good Latina!

Next, I went to Palmares again 2 years ago, in 2018, particularly for one reason: getting into the toldo Imperial (party tent) and watching Afrojack mix it up! I am a heavy fan of house music and mainstream music, and boy, did I enjoy it! I jumped like never and sang most of the songs because I knew them by heart. If there is something I can brag about is that I am the funnest person you can ever be with if you take me to a concert. I dance and sing like no-one’s watching! 🙂

De camino a Palmares en buseta VIP de Vértigo
On the way to Palmares in our VIP bus!


Now, for the 2020 festival, things were different! No reggaeton nor house music for me this time (although there was reggaeton in another section of the event venue). Ths time, Vértigo organized a private bus for them and their friends (VIP or what?!) to go directly to El Patio Imperial area, where there was a stage surrounded by a garden, a cool seating area to chill, food trucks and bar service. Before the concert started, we even had the chance to play jenga in one of the food truck’s area.

Un breakcito con el Jenga
I took a break and played jenga with Donald, pianist and singer of Vertigo, and Sarit, a Vértigo fan.


At 6:15 PM the live music started in El Patio. The concert opened with Rodrigo Lagunas, and old friend that I’ve known since 2013, with his great voice and rhythms on the guitar. His music was very much enjoyed and perfect to begin the night with.

Next were my kids from Vértigo, friends that I know since 2015. These guys blasted the stage with rocking original songs such as Find A Way, Running Away y Flesh & Bones, plus fun latin rock and reggae covers that make the audience stand up and dance, such as Sweat (A la la long), Smooth and Mal Bicho. I had the opportunity to join these peeps in the choruses of these last songs, together with other invited musicians on the sax, trumpet, congas and timbales. What an amazing band we got our hands on!

¡Vértigo se armó el chivo con una mera banda!
Vértigo nearly completed a full orchestra!


By the way, Vértigo is actively working on their 2nd album, and I can confirm they are on already on fire. They will soon release it on Spotify.

Finally, to conclude the wave of rock concerts, we ended the night rocking with Mustang65, who play awesome covers from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Incubus, Foo Fighters and other great bands. As a lover of grunge, alternative rock and rock in general, it was very enjoyable too. These guys play together since 11 years ago and are amusicians with a lot of experience all the way from Andrés (who sings with the Orquesta Filarmónica de Costa Rica) to one of the guitarists, Emmanuel, who is also a member of Akasha, another Costa Rican rock band.

Anyhow, for those who haven’t taken the chance to go to the Palmares Festival recently, I demand you to not miss this cool activity next year, because it’s better organized and the ambience was top. The food options there were fine. I had a moccaccino and even dinner (a delicious walking bowl) healthy and delicious. I had all the energy I needed to rock on these concerts for 4 hours straight, I tell you!

After all, Palmares is “a town to make new friends”, but most important of it all, music unites people!

¡Somos Vértigo fans!
Music unites people!


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