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Are you worried about the environment like me? There are so many factors that affect the environment, but I found this movie very interesting because it takes us back to the beginning of the whole problem. The problem is not only the plastic straws that pollute our oceans, it is not only the lack of knowledge or habit of recycling, nor to reduce the use of paper and the cutting of forests. It comes to our food chain and how we (humans) are producing our food.

The Kiss The Ground movie is on Netflix and explains the importance of regenerating the land so that we can survive, or else we have 60 years of harvests left before the land suitable for sowing becomes desertified. Scary, right? Well, yes, but we can choose to help by watching the movie and sharing it. There is a lot of misinformation, and although Trump denies that there is a climate crisis, it is real and it is getting worse.


Eroded land in Iowa, EEUU.

Suelo erosionado en Iowa, EEUU

Source: United States Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service.


More than raising awareness about the problem, the most useful aspect from this film is to understand broadly (because one can never become an expert just by watching a film) how regeneration works in those agricultural lands that have been eroded by poor agricultural practices and excessive chemicals and pesticides. Basically, the solution is to regenerate these lands by having cattle on them for a certain number of days and have them leave their waste there. It turns out that livestock manure carries bacteria and other good stuff that are good for the soil.

I almost cried when the documentary talked about the Loess Plateau, which was practically a desert in 1994, and thanks to this practice, in a matter of 14 years, an impressive 32,000 km2 area was managed to regenerate. Read more about this here.

Here’s a before and after photo:


Before (1995) and after (2015 approximately) of the Loess Plateau
Meseta de Loess

Source: UK Lush.


Anyway, this impressed me. I hope it also impressed you.

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